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Here at Bhaggo, you can play on the best premium cricket exchange in Bangladesh. Cricket betting is an exciting activity that is becoming increasingly popular in Bangladesh. A lot of available games at our betting office you will find and the best odds. We have free live streaming of cricket matches. There is a separate Cricket Exchange section. Play at our Bangladesh premium cricket exchange in Bhaggo which will give you rewards. Players can bet with us on BBL, ICC, IPL, CPL, T20, Test Cricket and get rewarded.  

Bhaggo Cricket Exchange   

Bhaggo Bangladesh Cricket Exchange review

It’s worth talking about the Cricket Exchange, which is a betting site that allows users to create bets on cricket events and markets, and against each other, rather than creating bets against a bookmaker where the odds are known in advance. We at Bhaggo Cricket Exchange also have this in place. Our Bhaggo Cricket Exchange charges a small commission for its services. We have tens of thousands of players who use Cricket Exchange in Bangladesh. At the cricket exchanges in Bangladesh, you set your odds. The final choice at us in Bhaggo will depend on the creation of betting “for” or “against”.

How to place cricket bets at Bhaggo?

how to place bets ay Bhaggo Bangladesh

We at Bhaggo have a cricket betting guide to help you earn your BDT. They can be done in this way:


Go through the registration process with us at Bhaggo; 


Deposit funds on our website in Bangladesh into your playing account; 


The Bangladesh cricket betting markets need to be explored and the types of betting required; 


Choose a specific match or tournament; 


Analyze the available odds and identify profitable bets; 


Create a bet on the desired market by specifying the bet amount in BDT and confirming the bet. 

Types of bets 

Types of cricket bets at Bhaggo Bangladesh casino

The popular types of cricket betting we have at Bhaggo offer players exciting opportunities. These are what we will show in the table:

Types of Cricket BettingDetails
Bets on winning (on the winner)Betting on the winner in cricket refers to betting on the winner of a tournament or series in Bangladesh
HandicapsThis type of betting is important for leveling the game between two teams of different strengths. A team thus has an advantage or disadvantage in terms of wickets or runs before the start of the match
Over/Under MarketsHere comes the prediction on whether a particular statistic, such as wickets taken or number of wickets scored, will be less than or more than a certain value set by us at Bhaggo  
First Ball/First Over Cricket BettingWhen betting on the first ball/first over, our Bangladesh punters predict the outcome of an over, or the first ball in a cricket match. Betting at Bhaggo can be done, for example, on the number of wounds scored, on the method of removal, or the number of points scored
Innings RunInnings Run betting is a cricket betting where our Bhaggo punters can predict the total number of runs where in their innings a team will need to score in their innings

Above are the popular types of bets in Bangladesh, but there are also player bets (Top Bowler, Batsman Bet, Man of the Match), and team bets (Team of Top Batsman, Series Score, Win Toss, Series Winner). 

Tournaments on which to bet 

Cricket Tournaments for betting at Bhaggo Bangladesh

Cricket fans can place bets on many popular cricket tournaments at our Bangladesh betting shop. Very much look forward to and love the cricket tournaments we have in Bhaggo – ICC, T20, CPL, IPL, and BBL. 


Bhaggo Bangladesh ICC betting review

ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup is a One Day International (ODI) cricket championship. It is organized by the International Cricket Council (ICC) every 4 years where there are qualifying rounds. It is one of the most popular sporting events in the world, where at Bhaggo it is possible to bet on it.


Bhaggo Bangladesh IPL betting overview

Indian Premier League (IPL) is an annual event held in India. It features a franchise-based format where from all over the world the best players compete for their teams. The IPL has become a favorite among cricket fans as it is a prestigious tournament. 


Bhaggo Bangladesh T20 cricket tournament betting review

T20 (Twenty20) is a dynamic cricket tournament format and is well-known in the world. The T20 league showcases teams competing in exciting matches that last for about 3 hours. Twenty20 is a form of limited-overs cricket, with the duration of the match being made up of a set set set of pitches rather than a time limit. 


Bhaggo Bangladesh BBL betting information

The Big Bash League (BBL) is an Australian men’s professional Twenty20 cricket club that was founded over 10 years ago by Cricket Australia. Big Bash League and includes 8 city franchises instead of 6 state teams. BBL matches are played in Australia in December, January and February. 


Bhaggo Bangladesh CPL tournament betting information

Caribbean Premier League (CPL) is an annual Twenty20 cricket tournament played in the Caribbean. It was founded to create a competition in the Caribbean. Now Republic Bank Limited sponsors it and it is officially called Republic Bank CPL.  


What is cricket betting?

Cricket betting is when a player makes bets on the results of cricket matches, it can be a prediction of a team’s victory or the performance of individual players.

Is cricket betting legal in Bangladesh at Bhaggo?

Yes, it is legal, as we have a Curacao license at Bhaggo.

What are the popular tournaments at Bhaggo? 

The popular tournaments we have in Bhaggo are ICC, T20, CPL, IPL, BBL.

Can I bet on cricket matches in real time in Bhaggo?

Yes, our Bhaggo players can create bets possible on real-time cricket matches, because it is an additional excitement, and you can analyze the dynamics of the match, and then make informed decisions.

What are the popular types of cricket betting at Bhaggo?

Yes, our Bhaggo players can create bets possible on real-time cricket matches, because it is an additional excitement, and you can analyze the dynamics of the match, and then make informed decisions.